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"She had skinny legs, a missing front tooth and strong opinions."
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Anonymous: You'll proberbly get asked this a lot concerning your wonderful graphics, feel free not to answer if you've got a ask similar to this, but how do get your edits to look all smooth and well rounded? Do you use any ad ons in your photoshop? Or do you use blur tool?

Hello anon!
I suck at explaining things (blame it on the language!). Anyway, I don’t use just one tool to achieve that effect, I apply different ones depending on the level of smoothness I want to achieve. So from time to time instead of just using topaz clean (favorite ‘cleaning tool’) I also use surface blur, and very rarely topaz de-noiseI only use the blur tool when the image is small (like with icons) or for details such as the ‘ugly pixels’ around someone’s face.

Oh and thank you :*

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harvey/mike + protective harvey

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